Photo series: My night at the Catamounts’ ‘Jon’


Ryan Wuestewald, who plays Jon, rehearses the final scene one last time before director Amanda Berg Wilson, left, and producer Sara McPherson Horle.


Sonia Justl prepares her hair in the Dairy Center’s backstage dressing room.


Touring the backstage area at the Dairy Center can be somewhat anachronistic, what with the Catamounts’ futuristic “Jon” playing on one stage, and Upstart Crow’s “Caesar and Cleopatra” on another – while ballet classes play out right next to the green room. Here, Jason Maxwell, who plays a “co√∂rdinator” named Mr. Slippen in “Jon,” poses with a “Caesar and Cleopatra” cast member for the beginnings of some kind of absurdist play of their own making.


Michelle Hurtubise plays a Taste Maker, and this Taste Maker says, “Glitter!”


Anyone born before 1975 will appreciate Ryan Wuestewald’s young James T. Kirk kind of look.


Verl Hite may be a nice guy who plays a man called “Dove,” but at this moment, he sure looks ready to kill me.


Jason Maxwell and Michelle Hurtubise.

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