Photos: My night at Boulder’s Dinner Theatre’s ‘The Wizard of Oz’

As Bob Hoppe, with castmate Will Hawkins, begins to transition himself from pre-show waiter into the Tin Man, you can see the splinter on his hand, protecting the thumb he broke during rehearsal.


Bob Hoppe broke his thumb tossing his ax during rehearsal, but he has (tin) soldiered on.


The silvery Tin Man (above) is now ready to oil up … while the Cowardly Lion (below) is ready to let the fur fly.




Munchkin boys Benji Dienstfrey and Thomas Russo let loose backstage.


Amid all the backstage hoopla, Boulder’s Dinner Theatre veteran Brian Norber (Uncle Henry) manages to lose himself in a book. It’s “Early Havoc,” written by June Havoc. She’s the younger sister of burlesque entertainer Gypsy Rose Lee, who was immortalized in the musical “Gypsy.”


It’s intermission, time is short, and the Cowardly Lion (Seth Caikowski) prepares to get back to his tables with dessert, coffee and bills — and, by necessity, still in costume.


Intermission: Time for pie!


One guess why there are so many wheels backstage. (Hint: Mobile Munchkins!)



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