Photos: My night at Town Hall Arts Center’s “9 to 5”


Carter Edward Smith, who plays Joe, left, grabs a final pre-show smoke with Seth Caikowski, who plays bad-boy boss Franklin Hart.



Lisa Finnerty, and her curlers, take a final moment to prepare before she goes on as the mild-mannered (to start!) housewife, Judy Bernly. Her anthem, “Get Out and Stay Out” is a sadly still relevant anthem for some women in 2013.



Not that we should ever want to glamorize smoking, but …¬†



Jacob Villarreal says some of the ensemble members who play the beneficiaries of living and working in a man’s word have given themselves a rather humorous nickname.



 Ensemble member Alannah Moore and other castmates make certain Friday will be a good hair day.



 Costume changes, set-change notes and words of encouragement for the running crew hang on a backstage wall.



Choreographer Kelly Kates and musical director Donna Debreceni make sure the bed that dominates the opening number is ready to spring.


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