Exit interview: LIDA Project founder Brian Freeland



By John Moore

For nearly 20 years, Brian Freeland has been a singular force in the local theater community. As founder of the LIDA Project collective, he has been the keeper of the flame for true experimental theatre in Denver. Last month, Freeland moved with his family to New York. Freeland says the LIDA Project will live on in Denver, but only time will tell.

Either way, his place in Colorado theatre history is secure, and we couldn’t let him get away without an expanded exit interview covering his past and our present. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and read this indispensable local theatre figure’s wide-ranging and sometimes scathing thoughts on the ecology of our local theatre. It’s an essential read for anyone who cares about theatre in Colorado.

Here’s just a taste: “I think our cultural elite in Denver gets what it deserves right now.”

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