Video: Watch ‘After the Darklights,’ Episode 2

The pilot episode of “After the Darklights,” above, and the newly released Part 2. Each runs about 10 minutes.

By John Moore
Oct. 29, 2012

The second episode of “After the Darklights,” an online, post-apocalyptic web series written and directed by Denver’s Michael Morgan, has been launched.

In the story, the world as we knew it ended “the night the lights came.” Those who watched fell where they stood in the glow of the unexplainable strobes. But not all. A bloody few, called “ferals,” rose, changed like ravenous animals. The few unchanged survivors are fighting every minute to survive against a world that wants them all dead.

The pilot episode debuted a year ago. Since then, Morgan, producer Brian Landis Folkins (an instructor with the Denver Center Academy for the past 14 years) and his all-local cast and crew have been working to raise the money needed to continue telling the story to their exacting, professional standards. The cast includes Emily Paton Davies, Leah Watson, Josh Hartwell, Jim Hunt, Andy Waldschmidt, Brian Colonna, Channel 9 news anchor Kirk Montgomery and others. Music by Bop Skizzum. Future episodes will feature Karen Slack, Jude Moran and more. Special effects were designed by nationally recognized make-up artist Todd Debreceni.

We were on set for the recent filming of Episode 2, and shot the photos featured below:

Photos: On the set of “After the Darklights”

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Here’s a link to a video podcast we aired in 2012 from the launch party for Episode 1.

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