Bonus photos: My night backstage with Lake Dillon’s ‘Sleuth’



By John Moore
Jan. 20, 2013

Here are some bonus images from my night visiting the cast of the Lake Dillon Theatre Company’s “Sleuth” on Jan 17. Starring Joel Rainwater and Tom Borrillo. Directed by Alan Osburn. Through Feb. 10 at 176 Lake Dillon Dr., about 70 miles west of Denver. Call 970-513-9386 or www.LakeDillonTheatre.Org. Photos by John Moore of www.CultureWest.Org. Thanks: Christopher Alleman, Joshua Blanchard and Nikki Lalonde.

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These four agents will all clean out your system, in their own ways.


Actors Tom Borrillo, left, and Joel Rainwater prepare backstage.




The view from the booth, with four closed-circuit monitors.


Lake Dillon Theatre director of development Mari Geasair prepares to open the box office using a tablet after cold temperatures injected unwanted set delays, electrical hassles and computer problems into the usual opening-week preparations. That remaining drill at the box office is a reflective of last-minute set preparations.




Lake Dillon tradition calls for an opening-night champagne toast with the entire audience, which comes early for both a pre-show prep discussion led by artistic director Christopher Alleman, and stays late for a post-show talkback with the cast.


Actors Joel Rainwater, left, and Tom Borrillo conduct an opening-night audience talkback following their chess-like staging.



Artistic director Christopher Alleman leads the opening-night audience talkback.




Director Alan Osburn speaks during the post-show audience talkback.


Whiskey, guns and cocktail spillage: The aftermath of “Sleuth.”


Sunset over Lake Dillon.

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By John Moore

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