Photo: The Ex-Czars Reunion Partay


By John Moore

Hey, look: It’s sort-of an ex-Czars “partay” in front of a couple of humping deer at the Deer Pile in downtown Denver on Nov. 16, 2013. Roger Green, Jeff Linsenmaier, Chris Perason, Andy Monley and others showed up to show off what they are up to post-Czars.

The Czars were unquestionably one of Denver’s most original and influential bands circa 1994-2004, before everyone left the band except frontman John Grant.

Various incarnations took turns Saturday at the Deer Pile, including Jux County and Velveteen Monster. If you were ever a Czars fan, you had to at least check it out. When asked why he was there, local rocker Joe Sampson (Wentworth Kersey, Esme Patterson) summed it up: “I’m came to experience the weirdness.”


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