Bonus photos: My night at Buntport Theater’s ‘Wake’



By John Moore
Jan. 31, 2013

Here are some bonus images from my night visiting the cast of Buntport Theater’s ambitious original play, “Wake.” It’s a Beckett-like reimagining of “The Tempest,” in which the storm and subsequent shipwreck that drive Shakespeare’s love story never come. Featuring Erik Edborg, Erin Rollman, Brian Colonna and Adam Stone, with off-stage contributions from SaManTha Schmitz, Hannah Duggan and Evan Weissman. Through Feb. 23 at 717 Lipan St., 720-946-1388 or www.Buntport.Com. All photos by John Moore of www.CultureWest.Org.Thanks SamAnTha Schmitz and Hannah Duggan.

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Erin Rollman: The actor prepares. 


Brian Colonna: The actor prepares.



Musical director Adam Stone, who also plays Ariel, plays a nonstop sort of improvisational classic music on the piano from the moment the house is opened until the play begins, about 40 minutes.

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