CPR names Chloe Veltman editor of new arts bureau

chloeBy John Moore
June 11, 2013

Please join me in welcoming to Denver Chloe Veltman, who has been hired as the first editor of Colorado Public Radio’s forthcoming new arts bureau, a game-changing journalism initiative  made possible by a $900,000 grant from the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation.

The appointment of the San Franciscan was announced by CPR vice president of news Kelley Griffin, who cited Veltman’s extensive experience covering the arts in print, web and radio. Her resume includes serving as the New York Times’ Bay Area arts correspondent, chief theater critic for SF Weekly and contributing a syndicated culture blog for www.ArtsJournal.com. Her work has been published in The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, American Theatre Magazine, The Economist, The Guardian, BBC Classical Music Magazine, Gramophone magazine and others.

On Jan. 23, CPR announced the creation of an arts news bureau and online arts hub, with the goal of  significantly increasing CPR’s arts coverage across the state. Arts is just the first of seven news bureaus CPR is planning for the long-term.

Veltman will head a new team of two full-time reporters who will contribute arts news, previews and in-depth stories about major cultural and arts organizations, while also examining broad topics such as the funding and sustainability of the arts, and how art news relates to education and state government. Reviews, interviews, event calendars and audio and video performances are planned as part of the online arts hub.

Much of this new coverage will be regularly featured on all three of CPR’s radio stations: News on Denver’s 90.1 FM (and others around the state), classical music on 88.1 FM and indie-rock music on OpenAir at 1340 AM.

Veltman’s first day on the job will be July 17.

“Chloe is also an arts practitioner,” Griffin said in announcing the appointment. “She studied theater, has sung with the Convivium and Full Fathom Five vocal ensembles and played the oboe with the Mill Valley Philharmonic.”


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By John Moore

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