Denver Actors Fund in Action: Archie Villeda

The Denver Actors Fund provided $8,450 in dental work to actor Archie Villeda.
The Denver Actors Fund provided $8,450 in dental work to actor Archie Villeda through partnering dentist Dr. Brian Kelly DDS.

Financial-aid recipient: Actor Archie Villeda  is a local actor who most recently appeared in Su Teatro’s Dona Rositas Jalapeno Kitchen in 2015. Other titles include Ludlow: El Grito de Las Minas in 20914 and  the class comedy La Carpa Aztlan Presents: I Don’t Speak English Only in 2012 (pictured below with Manuel R. Roybal Sr.). For six years he also was Su Teatro’s lead graphic designer.

His medical story: Archie came to the Denver Actors Fund in urgent need of bridge work on his bottom teeth. At the moment, he does not have  have dental insurance or qualify for Medicaid. He came to the right place, because the Denver Actors Fund has a partnering dentist who accepts certain emergency cases referred by The Denver Actors Fund, primarily as an in-kind donation. Dr Brian Kelly DDS (himself a former Broadway dancer!) removed  three teeth and created a bridge to replace them. He also gave Archie a full cleaning as part of his overall treatment plan to move all  his patients from disease to health.

How we have helped: Dr. Kelly’s services would have cost Villeda $8,450 out of pocket. Instead, Kelly donated all services free of charge except for $750 in outsourced lab fees, which the Denver Actors Fund has paid. Because of this unique partnership, Archie received the essential treatment he needed at no actual cost to him – and it only cost The Denver Actors Fund $750. But the overall value of Archie’s services makes him the largest direct beneficiary in the Denver Actors Fund’s four-year history.

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Note: At the Denver Actors Fund, anonymity of aid recipients is presumed and fully protected, unless and until the recipient chooses to have his or her story told.



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Video above: The Denver Actors Fund receives the Colorado Theatre Guild’s 2016 Community Impact Award.

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