Denver Actors Fund: Jordan Manchego and others

Jordan Manchego in Cry-Baby
Jordan Manchego in 'Cry-Baby' for Equinox Theatre Company at the Bug Theatre.
Jordan Manchego in Cry-Baby
Jordan Manchego in ‘Cry-Baby’ for Equinox Theatre Company at the Bug Theatre.


Thornton dentist Brian Kelly now has donated $30,000 in free dental care to Colorado theatre artists

Aid recipient: Longtime Denver actor Jordan Manchego most recently appeared in “Cry-Baby The Musical” for Equinox Theatre Company. He is a graduate of Prairie View High School in Henderson and the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Among the companies he has performed with are the Aurora Fox, Performance Now and Vintage.

Jordan Manchego quoteHis medical story: Jordan’s dental health was recently in major crisis. He had not been able to go to a dentist in more than five years because he did not have dental insurance. He had four wisdom teeth growing in, a cracked molar and an exposed nerve.

How we have helped: The Denver Actors Fund has a unique, ongoing partnership with Thornton dentist (and former Broadway dancer) Brian Kelly,  who each year accepts a limited number of emergency dental cases referred through the DAF as his own perseonal in-kind donation to the organization. Kelly’s goal is to transition every referred patient from gum disease to health. The estimated value of Dr. Kelly’s service to Jordan Manchego was $1,314.

A message from Jordan: “I had been in the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. Just when I thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel, within days of making my application to The Denver Actors Fund, Dr. Kelly was ready to get me into the chair and out of my agony. The fact that he can make you feel so at ease and relaxed while drilling your gums is amazing in itself, but he was kind enough to put showtunes on his Pandora and share stories of his Broadway glory days. Dr. Kelly, his staff and The Denver Actors Fund are literal gifts from God, and  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

Brian Kelly.
From left: Adam Russell Johnson, Beki Pineda, Josue Ivan Prieto-Miranda and Sky Seaberry.

Wait, there’s more: Recently, Dr. Kelly also has helped the following Colorado theatre artists with their emergency dental needs:

  • Adam Russell Johnson, Phamaly’s “Chicago”: $1,010
  • Beki Pineda, Props Director: $182
  • Josue Ivan Prieto-Miranda, Cherry Creek Theatre’s “My Name is Asher Lev”: $604. He says: “I am so beyond grateful and extremely humbled by the generosity of Dr. Kelly and the DAF!”
  • Sky Seaberry, BDT Stage’s “Disenchanted”: $346. She says: “I’m eternally grateful for the DAF’s commitment to the theatre community and to Dr. Brian’s gracious heart for providing care. Thank you so much!”

And there are several other cases currently in process. To date, Dr. Kelly now has donated $30,000 in free dental care to Colorado theatre artists through The Denver Actors Fund.

The Denver Actors Fund has now made more than $355,000 available to Colorado artists in medical need.

How you can help us help us help Colorado theatre artists: If you would like to make a donation to The Denver Actors Fund, simply mail checks in any amount made out to Denver Actors Fund to P.O. Box 11182, Denver, CO 80212. Or use this donation link, with our humble thanks.

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Note: At the Denver Actors Fund, anonymity of aid recipients is presumed and fully protected, unless and until the recipient chooses to have his or her story told.



The Denver Actors Fund is a modest source of immediate, situational relief when members of the local theater community find themselves in medical need. In addition to $355,000 in financial relief, a team of more than 60 Denver Actors Fund volunteers have offered good neighborly assistance to more than 100 beneficiaries including meal prep and delivery, child care, transportation, errands, construction, pet-sitting and more. For more information, visit our web site at DenverActorsFund.Org.


To apply for Denver Actors Fund aid: Fill out this brief online form here



Send checks made out to the Denver Actors Fund to:
P.O. Box 11182
Denver, CO 80212


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Friends, we at The Denver Actors Fund believe in building community while building funds. Most of our events are performative in nature so that you have a good time while helping a good cause. Here are some of the events that are currently being planned on our behalf. Visit anytime for an updated list.

SUNDAY, JUNE 9: Join us at a Denver’s Tony Awards Viewing Party to benefit The Denver Actors Fund on Sunday, June 9, at Cap City Tavern, 1247 Bannock St. It’s hosted and organized through the lovely volunteer efforts of the Denver-area Actors’ Equity Association Liaison Committee, SAG-AFTRA Colorado Local and the Colorado Theatre Guild. There will be a $5 suggested donation. Limited seating so please RSVP your intent to attend by May 31 by emailing Thank you all, especially you, Abner Genece, T David Rutherford, Dino McTaggart, Piper Arpan McTaggart, Charles Blackwell and Sheila Traister!

TUESDAY, JUNE 11: Join Eric Weinstein as he takes you on a journey of songs and stories from the three decades he has been part of the Denver theatre community. The evening will feature Ragtime and Stride piano solos that were a mainstay of the venerable Heritage Square Music Hall, hits from Vintage favorite shows “Ring of Fire” and :Ain’t Misbehavin’,” original music and a variety of musical styles. He will be joined by daughters Kaitlin and Kelsey, and performers Hazel Kachline, Adam Luhrs and  Isabella Duran. One hundred percent of ticket sales will benefit The Denver Actors Fund. 7:30 p.m. at the Vintage Theatre, 1468 Dayton St., Aurora. Tickets at the door.

THURSDAY, JUNE 13: If you are making your theatregoing plans, please consider attending Miners Alley Playhouse’s Industry Night performance of Josh Hartwell’s world-premiere play “The Queen of Conspiracy.” All proceeds, including the bar, go to The Denver Actors Fund! Miners Alley commissioned award-winning local playwright Josh Hartwell to write the untold true story of Mae Brussell, considered America’s first mainstream conspiracy theorist during the 1960s and 1970s. Her popular radio shows, for example, linked the Kennedy assassinations to the Watergate scandal. “As I delved into my research, so many things she was saying back in the ’60s and 70s sounded like things she would be saying right now,” said Hartwell, whose new drama is set in present-day Denver and imagines the family who inherited Brussell’s legacy. Featuring Abby Apple Boes, Chloe McLeod, Sinjin Jones, Bill Hahn, Heather Lacy and Damon Guerrasio. 7:30 p.m. at 1224 Washington St., Golden. Get your tickets by calling 303-935-3044 or through this link.



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