My night at ‘Krazy Kamp’ at the Heritage Square Music Hall


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By John Moore
July 16, 2013

Opening No. 95: Rising Star Productions’ “Krazy Kamp” at the Heritage Square Music Hall: This youth musical loosely inspired by “I Know What You Did Last Summer” tells the story of two summer camps — one for boys, one for girls — separated by a lake. When the boys’ camp faces closure by the health department, the girl agree to share their space. “Kraziness” ensues. The ditty, directed by Annie Dwyer, music directed by Eric Weinstein and featuring a cast of 28, serves as a fitting introduction to live theater for many of the student actors, ages 7 to 17. It stars Miles Goeglein as boys ringleader Adam Apple, Katherine Henshaw as a spoiled resort camper Vivian Vandersnap and Madi Walker the girls camp director, Eve Hunnicutt. The snooty old camp owner is a character named Mrs. Thistlemist, and don’t hold it against me that I kept thinking back to 24 hours earlier watching “Avenue Q,” which has a snooty old character named Mrs. Thistle — never mind. I can’t say it. It was performed at 18301 W. Colfax Ave., Golden, 303-279-7800. Thanks: Lisa Port and Gina Weinstein.


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