Photos: My Night at Equinox’s ‘Fawlty Towers’

Anita Harkess, who plays Alice and Mrs. Arrad, gets her pre-show groove on.


Andrew Hunter, who plays four characters, takes a quiet moment alone near the alley door behind the Bug Theatre.


Logan Breitweiser gets some help having his eye makeup applied. 


Chip Winn Wells looks all proper as she prepares to play, well, three uptight proper British ladies. But two days later, she would run her 33rd Bolder Boulder 10K race. There have only been 35 of them. That’s worthy of a standing ovation.


Backstage there is a bulletin board filled with photos that harken back to the glory days when The Bug had its own resident theater company. Among the many pictured above are Gary Culig, Donna Morrison, Lindsey Pierce and McPherson Horle.


Mark Shonsey plays Manuel,  well-meaning but confused and abused waiter from Barcelona with a limited grasp of English.


Each episode is titled according to a partial word-play anagram. In the original British series, a prankster paperboy would rearrange the letters on the “Fawlty Towers” sign into crude phrases. Another was “Warty Towels.”


The curtain call.


Several cast members had hordes of fans waiting to congratulate them on opening night.


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