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By John Moore
Aug. 8, 2013

Opening No. 100: Senior Housing Options’ “Steel Magnolias” This annual summer play staged right in the lobby of the downtown Barth Hotel is a fundraiser that helps the organization provide housing and services to 700 low- or no-income seniors. Before Saturday’s performance, resource development coordinator Jane Prancan showed the crowd the new emergency preparedness backpacks that have been distributed to all 700 residents. The packs were purchased from the Red Cross with proceeds from last summer’s production of “Driving Miss Daisy,” which netted $50,000. This year’s production is Robert Harling’s ubiquitous Southern weeper that focuses on the camaraderie between six Louisiana women who talk, gossip, needle and harangue each other through the best of times – and comfort and repair one another through the worst of times at Truvy’s Beauty Salon. Featuring an all-star cast of Rhonda Brown, Rachel Fowler, Adrian Egolf, Devon James, Billie McBride and Patty Figel. Directed by Ashlee Temple. Showtimes: 7:30 p.m. Thursdays through Saturdays through Aug. 24 at the Barth Hotel, 1514 17th St., 303-595-4464, ext. 10, or senior housing options’ home page. Photo by John Moore for www.CultureWest.Org. Thanks: Jane Prancan, Kat Valentine King, Frank Haas.

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“Steel Magnolias” launches Denver Actors Fund’s “Tap Shoe Initiative”



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