Photos: My night at The Edge’s “The House of Blue Leaves”

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By John Moore
Aug. 9, 2013

Opening No. 101: The Edge Theatre’s “The House of Blue Leaves”: The zoo isn’t just onstage at the Edge Theatre for John Guare’s sweet ‘n savagely dark 1966 comedy about delusion and mediocrity in the form of a Queens zookeeper itching to pursue his dream of scoring Hollywood films. Things get a little carnal backstage at the Edge as well, as evidenced by the fur flying in the photo below between Zachary Page (Ronnie) and Kelly Uhlenhopp (Bunny). The cast is led by a remarkable Tom Auclair as Artie — he learned how to piano just to play this Piano Man role, and Missy Moore as his overmedicated cuckoo’s nester of a wife, Bananas. The cast also includes Leroy Leonard, Samara Bridwell, Betsy Grisard, Natalie Carter, Rachel Graham, Stefin Woolover and Peter Marullo. Directed by Scott Bellot. Final performances 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 6 p.m. Sunday (Aug. 9-11) at 1560 Teller St., Lakewood, 303-232-0363 or the edge’s home page. Photos by John Moore for www.CultureWest.Org. Thanks: Lauren Meyer, Rick and Patty Yaconis, and Gloria Shanstrom.


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By John Moore

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