Survey: Most Denver theatregoers aren’t coming back anytime soon


How do you feel about each of the following potential safety procedures?

Definitely not 4
Probably not 4
Probably 36
Definitely 56

Employees wearing masks and gloves at all times within the theatre and surrounding areas (in percentages):

Definitely want this 67
Nice to have 23
Don’t care 9
Definitely don’t want 1

Empty seats around my seat to ensure 6 feet between other patrons (in percentages):

Definitely want this 54
Nice to have 34
Don’t care 10
Definitely don’t want 2

Requiring all guests in the lobby, theatre and surrounding areas to wear masks (in percentages):

Definitely want this 68
Nice to have 21
Don’t care 5
Definitely don’t want 6

Daily Covid-19 screening performed on all employees entering the building (in percentages):

Definitely want this 48
Nice to have 38
Don’t care 11
Definitely don’t want 3

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