Video: “The Kid” Joey McIntyre takes on disgraced Yankees star Alex Rodriguez


By John Moore
Aug. 28, 2013

Joey McIntyre, The Kid from The New Kids on the Block, is a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan, so we had to ask him what he thought of the brouhaha when Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster beaned New York Yankees nemesis Alex Rodriguez with a pitch on Aug. 18. Dempster was suspended for five games. Rodriguez was only playing because he has appealed his unprecedented, 211-game suspension for steroid use.

Among a few other choice bits, McIntuyre calls Rodriguez “the worst of all Yankees,” who “sabotaged what he could have been,” yet gives the disgraced star props for coming back and hitting a home run in the Yankees’ win.

McIntyre is in Denver for a limited developmental run of his new bio-miusical, “The Kid,” written with Christine Boylan. “The Kid” plays Aug. 30 through Sept. 15 at the Garner-Galleria Theatre. For tickets, call 303-893-4100 or visit Video by John Moore. Running time: 2 minutes.

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