Breaking news: Heritage Square Music Hall will close at end of year

Annie Dwyer and T.J. Mullin in "Who Done In Belle Star?" in 2004.
Before becoming a film star, Amy Adams was a regular at the Heritage Square Music Hall.
That’s a mustachioed film star Amy Adams, second from right, in Heritage Square Music Hall’s 1995 production of “Frankenstein.”

The multiple award-winning Dwyer is beginning her 23rd year at the Music Hall. Theater fans have long wished for the opportunity to see her perform on other metro-area stages, and they may get their wish in 2014. “It’s scary,” she said. “But I’m hoping this will push me, and make me better.”

Dwyer also headed the Music Hall’s busy children’s theater division with Pierce, and operated the Wedding Bell Chapel on the amusement-park grounds.

Helsley has a three-year lease on the building, so the business may continue on some capacity she said. But not the shows.

Martin Marietta Materials acquired the Heritage Square Music Hall property, and the rock quarry next to it, in November 2011. But all of the shops and businesses on the grounds are individually owned. Alan Bader, for example, owns the amusement-park rides and alpine slide that operate during the summertime.

“Most of those small shops depend on us, especially when it’s not summer,” Helsley said. “I’m honestly not sure what’s going to happen to them without us.”

The Heritage Square Music Hall now joins Paragon Theatre, Shadow Theatre, Victorian Playhouse, Union Colony Dinner Theatre and the Germinal Stage-Denver as local theatrical institutions that have recently closed, or are in the process of closing.

Heritage Square opens its 25th season tonight with a reprise of “One Enchanted Evening.” In the story, Grandpa falls asleep reading bedtime stories to the kids, and his dreams take him to visit Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and many other fairytale characters.

It is, in many way, quintessential Music Hall fare. Toward that end, the team has also decided to roll out one more original entry in its previously retired “Loud” franchise. And why not? The series has been the most popular fare in company history.


18301 W. Colfax Ave., Golden, 303-279-7800 or heritage square’s home page
Feb. 14-March 3, 2013: “One Enchanted Evening”
March 8-May 19: A classic Melodrama to be announced
April 5-June 23, 2013: “The Baseball Show”
June 14-Sept. 8, 2013: “50 Shades Of Loud”
Aug. 30-Nov. 10, 2013: “Sweeney Todd”
Nov. 15-Dec. 31, 2013: “Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night”



By John Moore

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