Outtakes: My day at Magic Moments’ ‘Spirit & Soul’

There’s a point in the show when a reverend passes a collection basket to his evangelical parishioners. The cast decided to goof on stage manager R. Duncan Northern (pictured below) by having these cards printed up, many of which have ended up in the till. Those of you who remember pop music in the 1980s: Note the phone number.


The lobby of the Anschutz Theatre is transformed into a veritable carnival and merchandise mart.



This is perhaps my favorite photo of the entire 2013 photo series. It shows just how excited these two kids are to dress up like – and serve – Jamba Juices in the lobby.


Two show days are enough to drive any actor batty. Amy Board with with P.J. Bernardis.


Because of the snow, the cast was not allowed to leave the theater between Saturday’s shows. Instead, a buffet was set up with salad and pizza to feed more than 250 cast and crew and volunteers.


Director K.Q. – and his teddy bear – grab a slice while they can.


Here’s a poster-sized thank-you card to K.Q. from the kids in the cast.

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By John Moore

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