Photos and video podcast: Re-opening of Equinox’s ‘Bat Boy, the Musical’

Here’s our video podcast reporting from the “re-opening” of “Bat Boy, the Musical” on March 8, 2013.


By John Moore
March 5, 2013

Opening No. 38, “Bat Boy, the Musical”: Let’s call this one a “re-opening.” On Feb. 20, after a sold-out opening weekend at the Bug Theatre, the cast and crew of the Equinox Theatre Company’s “Bat Boy” learned that their star, Adam Perkes, had died in a Glenwood Springs hotel room. Within 10 days of this devastating turn of events, and with the blessing of Adams family, “Bat Boy” re-opened on March 8 after award-winning actor Nick Sugar agreed to step in and “fill in,” allowing the show to go on.  Remaining performances at 7:30 p.m. March 15 and 16 at the Bug Theatre, 3654 Navajo St., 720-984-0781 or Also featuring Emily Macomber, James O’Hagan-Murphy, Rachelle Wood, Tom Auclair, Devin Bustamante, Tim Campbell, Lauren Cora Marsh, Abby McInerney, James Crapes, Dylan Phibbs, Arthur Pierce, Alex Ambard, Chelsea Winslow, Savannah Lake and Linda Swanson Brown. Photo by John Moore for CultureWest.Org. Thanks to Deb Flomberg, Colin Roybal, Ryan Mattingly, Alex Weimer, cast and crew. Read more on the story here.

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Here’s our story on the company’s decision to re-open the show with Nick Sugar
Here’s our video podcast visiting the re-opening night of “Bat Boy”

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The rest of the “Bat Boy” run has been dedicated to late actor Adam Perkes.


Nick Sugar describes himself as Adam Perkes’ “fill-in.” Here, he is shown having his Bat Boy make-up and prosthetics applied by Evan Cannon amid the chaos of the cramped Bug Theatre backstage.





Busted: I caught actor James O’Hagan-Murphy putting water — water! — in drunk vet Dr. Parker’s flask. There are no method actors anymore.


Rachelle Wood prepares to go on as Shelley Parker.


The scene from the stage as the cast gathers for warm-up exercises.


There are higher-quality images from my evening with the Equinox crew, but none that better capture the love and camaraderie that was evident in the moments before the first audience was let into the Bug Theatre since their original Bat Boy, Adams Perkes, passed away.



 Director Colin Roybal.


Devin Bustamante, Abby McInerney and Lauren Cora Marsh.


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By John Moore

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