Photos: My night at Performance Now’s ‘Once Upon a Mattress’

Gary Duff and actor wife Margie Lamb check in at the box office. Interesting casting for Lamb: The actor who plays Winnifred, Sarah Grover, played Natalie when Lamb first starred in “Next to Normal” at the Midtown Arts Center in Fort Collins. Zachary Stailey, who plays Dauntless, also played Lamb;s husband, Dan, in her second “Next to Normal,” recently staged by Ignite Theatre at the Aurora Fox.



Carla Kaiser Kotrc likes to spend some quiet time alone before the show on her on-stage throne before the house opens.


Curtain call.


The cast gathers to celebrate with friends in the lobby of the Lakewood Cultural Center after the show. Among the throng are actors Andy Sievers, Lindsey Falduto, Zachary Stailey, Carolyn Lohr and Josh Rigo.


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