Photos: My night with ‘The Seafarer’ at the Aurora Fox

IMG_5723Bushmills and Jameson share space on the “Seafarer” stage. Legend has long held that Irish whiskey is divided along political lines: Jameson was forever distilled in the Republic, while Bushmills was made in the North, so some won’t drink one or the other on principal. But Ashton has found that the booze lines are now blurred on the Emerald Isle, with political tensions easing and multinational corporations now owning the only three distilleries that still operate anywhere on the island — all in the North. That’s right, what Jameson is still produced in Ireland is made up North. The former Jameson distillery in Dublin is now a museum.


IMG_5751From left: John Ashton, Steef Sealy and Warren Sherrill admire Ashton’s opening-night gift of a personalized sheet cake.


The cast, as depicted on the opening-night sheet cake: From left: Brock Benson, Steef Sealy, John Ashton, Warren Sherrill and Kevin Hart.


IMG_5759Paragon Theatre co-founder Warren Sherrill marks his return to the stage in “The Seafarer” after more than a year.


IMG_5730The first in a series of photos showing John Ashton applying a facial bruise to himself.

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