Video: The Shelly Bordas Story, Part 3: A Community Responds

On Sunday, CultureWest named Shelly Bordas Colorado’s 2013 Theatre Person of the Year. Here is the third and latest installment in veteran journalist John Moore’s ongoing video documentary series chronicling Bordas’ story since the Denver actor and mother was diagnosed – for a second time – with end-stage breast cancer that has now spread to her brain and eyes.

In Part 3, the theater community learns of Bordas’ dying wish to take her son on a Disney cruise — and makes it happen. Performers and interview subjects include Kevin Lowry, Jesse Greaves-Smith,  Adrian Holguin, Mitch Samu, Colin Hearn, Thaddeus Valdez, Susan Lyles, Megan Van De Hey, Sarah Rex,  Sarah Roshan, Rob Costigan, Jake Walker, Diana Dresser, Allison Watrous,  Emily MacIntyre and more.

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How to help:

To help Shelly defray her ongoing medical expenses, please mail checks in her name to the Town Hall Arts Center, 2450 W. Main St, Littleton, CO, 80120

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How you can donate to the Denver Actors Fund:

The new Denver Actors Fund is a modest source of immediate, situational relief when members of the local theater community find themselves in sudden medical need. To donate to the Denver Actors Fund, please go here (with our humble thanks):

By John Moore

Award-winning arts journalist John Moore was named one of the 12 most influential theater critics in the United States by American Theatre Magazine during has 12 years at The Denver Post. Hen then created a groundbreaking new media outlet covering Colorado arts an culture as an in-house, multimedia journalist for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. He also founded The Denver Actors Fund, a nonprofit that has raised more than $600,000 for theatre artists in medical need. He is now a journalist for hire as the founder of Moore Media Colorado. You can find samples of his work at MooreJohn.Com. Contact him at